about us


Welcome to pexitos

Hello there!

My name is Marcelo and next to me is my beautiful fiancée Débora, and we are Pexitos… pe-shee-toosh!

Pexitos is what the local people from Sesimbra are called. So why Pexitos? Because we are Pexitos.

So what do you get out of Pexitos? Led by Débora, myself or one of our friendly team members, you get the opportunity to discover the genuine cultural wealth of Sesimbra and surrounding region, through the personal interaction with locals, honoring the inherent legacy in every aspect of the daily local lifestyle.

Choose amongst different ‘tours’ and have the chance to meet and hear the stories of fishermen, boutique wineries, artisans, cheese makers.. all to make this an even tastier experience! Or if you prefer, design your own day with us! We can’t wait to host you!